The Pedophile Manual…pulled off the market! Hooray!

So Amazon finally pulled off the pedophile manual from their site, but there is another one that is still legal out there. It should be considered certain by everyone that the writers of these manuals are pedophiles. The FBI needs to go into Amazon with a court order and retrieve IP addresses right now, buyers and sellers alike! This is an epidemic that is not going to go away unless it is exposed entirely. The taboo days of pedophiles are over. Pedophiles have become an every day topic of discussion. Parents need to empower their children as early in life as possible. If they don’t, they can count on having pedophiles beat them at influencing their children. I e-mailed as many child welfare and law enforcement workers as I could in early September about one of the manuals. Just today I hear about it in the major TV networks. It’s just always about the hype to some people, I suppose.