Survival Guide – Dependency Court (**This page will be constantly updated.)


(First, I hate to have to add this but you know the deal…this is for entertainment purposes only.  You should consult with an attorney before taking considering any of my advice.  But if you are of my social status, then you probably can’t afford any attorney anyway so you will just have to hope for the best.  I cannot and will not guarantee any positive results in your case.  But, I can promise you that my advice comes from the heart and worked for me. Best wishes and pray in everything.)

Been out for a while.  Regrouping with Father.  Here you go, if you are looking for a quick survival guide:

 If CPS comes knocking, DO NOT LET THEM IN.  If you already did, here is how you get ready:

Keep notes of everything, whether you record your voice or keep a written record.  Jot down every single thing.  Ask everybody for business cards.  You’ll need them later for your lawsuit.

Videotape or audio record everything.  Ahhh, you are keeping those recordings for self-reference.

Don’t stipulate or allow your attorney to stipulate to anything

Don’t sign anything or agree to anything unless you are 100% sure you know what it is you are signing.  There are many more organizations in 2011 than in 2010 ready to help you fight the fight of your life.  Google us.

Go as public as you can go from the get-go. If you have truly not done anything wrong, you don’t have to be ashamed of anything.  Go public, they will be the ones hiding their faces.

Immediately, sign on to all the social media you can get your hands on.  You are going to need all the moral support you can get.  We are in this together.

Identify family, friends, community leaders (church, school teachers, employers, colleagues, ex-boyfriends, etc.) that are going to be critical to your case (such as for witness duties)

Identify your financial resources or lack thereof.  If you don’t have the money, forget about it. Best bet is going to be your public attorney. You will need to learn how to work with him/her. But there are ways to keep them in check (no disrespect intended).

Threaten everybody (in writing especially). Threatening is not a crime unless you are threatening someone’s life. Report the crimes against you and your family to the police, to the FBI, to civil rights groups.

E-mail the governor of your state. Write letters to judges, important political figures. The point is to create PUBLIC RECORDS of your case. They will wish they never had messed with you.

When court starts, ask for a copy of every single hearing sign-in sheet.  You will need to know who you are up against and who you will sue later.  Although child protection and other officials have certain protection from lawsuits, you may be able to sue them at the civil level.  Or, if you believe you have enough evidence of “negligence”, then sue them publicly.

During the entire ordeal, you MUST keep yourself healthy for your kids sake.  This includes:

Don’t miss work.  You have to keep your job because that is one of the “tricks” they will try to use against you…that you are not able to sustain your children.  It’s all a perfect little strategy for them.  So anticipate.  Speak to a trustworthy employer and invite them to Google search the issues around dependency court, etc. and show them that there are many victims of the State out there.  You might be surprised by their support.  It would be wise to start setting up a job-share deal or similar with a trustworthy co-worker.  You are going to need to stop worrying about everything that has nothing to do with getting your kids back.  If you have your employer’s support, put the worry into something else.

Eat, sleep and rest.  Yes, this is almost impossible to imagine doing in the middle of all the pain.  But, unless your child has been sent to a deadly foster care home or to a dangerous relative or other abuser, your child may not necessarily develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and other trauma common after forced removal of children.  So you need to be in tip top shape so when you see your children they have total faith in you and your ability to bring them home.

You must exercise or you will give yourself a heart or panic attack.  If a doctor wants to help you with medication to control your nerves, ask them to document exactly when you started the medication, especially if you have never taken any medicine before, so that you can prove later that you have been forced to take medicine due to pain and suffering.  Also, you don’t want the enemy to use any non-prescribed medication-taking against you in court.  All of sudden, at their convenience, you are a habitual drug user.

Rest.  There are natural sleep-assisting remedies out there.  Always consult with your doctor.  No doctor will be able to deny you taking care of yourself so that you can face your enemies in court with the clearest head.  Don’t let the enemy EVER see you weak or falling apart.  That is their cue to tempt you with a “parenting plan”, which by now you should know is just a tactic to get you to admit a false “guilty” and you will be chained to the system after that.  They can still take your children away, and this time permanently.
DO NOT EVER TRUST GUARDIAN AD LITEM!  There are more and more people coming out to shed light on this money-hungry mafia of a child protection organization.  I personally predict that they will be under FBI investigation in 2012.  Hopefully, my gut is right on that one.  Google them and read about their responsibility.  Then read more about my personal experience with them on m site.  I am sure there are plenty of other parents that have posted horror stories on the Internet.  DO NOT TRUST THEM OR ANYONE.  To everyone, including your public defender, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Reaffirm to yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY, that you WILL GET YOUR KIDS BACK.  No negative talk.  Only visualization of the day your child walks in through your front door.  Redecorate your child’s room.  Buy stuff for them as if they are coming back home next week.  Keep your house clean and purify the air with incense, holy water, everything and anything available for positive energy.  It won’t kill you to try it.
Schedule weekly visits with any ministry, a shrink if you can afford one.  If you can’t afford one there are many local organizations providing low-cost or no-cost services.  In Broward County, we have the Henderson Clinic.  But DON’T walk around telling just everyone how you feel like “dying” because your child has been yanked from  your arms.  Yes, another sensible person might “understand” your statement, but the enemy will use it against you.  All of the sudden you have become a suicidal maniac.  Again, everything you do and say will be used against you.
Be ready for visits from just about anyone.  Listen, I hope you can trust your attorney.  But, if you don’t or it is too early to do so, consider not speaking to anyone, especially anyone on behalf of the enemy.  Also, prepare your neighbors and relatives living with you to respond to such visits.  I am still investigating the visit of two suited individuals (a woman and a man) who came to my home and to their disappointment did not find me.  But, I have physical descriptions of them and maybe they are reading this post and can lose a little sleep over it (like I did back them) wondering if I will ever find them and the possible harassment they were planning.

Oh my dear God, pray in everything.  All the time.  As you find yourself doing affirmations, as you cry, as you exercise, as you eat, as you suffer a sleepless night.  Pray in everything.  Remember, I did not have any money, up to a certain date, the public (meaning my friends and family) were not allowed to be in the courtroom), I was not allowed to see or hear my child, they put my child in the house of her alleged sexual (physical and emotional) abuser without my supervision, my child turned a year older during the trial, I lived in my little home by myself in silence, I did not have a partner or constant support from a man, but I had my Father.  I tell you that even if I myself could prove his nonexistence, I would never do so.  Because the power I found it the relationship with God, saved my life.  However, and most importantly, I have no doubt, whatsoever, that this same power found within me, through Him, saved my daughter’s life so that she can go on and live her promise.

May God bless you and may the prayer I put over this blog everyday reach you directly.  -Amen

A cool AVVO Link on how to win:


  1. You are very inspiring and reading about you gives me niece and nephew have been separated. Together as a group we will end this corruption.i know that god will help reunite my family with us.hope to meet you some day god bless!

    • Dear Joy,

      God bless you as well. We are in this together. God must love your niece and nephew so much that the devil wants to personally disarm your family. So much suffering is so heartbreaking, but what great things must they represent that the evildoers must have a hand in their journey! But never let them see you suffer. Let them wonder what the light around you is doing. A white light imagined over the children every night is helpful to everyone, but mostly to the children. You will need to be stronger than you have ever been for your family. This kind of journey hurts — a lot. I wish I had you as a friend when I went through my ordeal with the demons.

      If you pass by Florida, please reach out. For you:

      “Sometimes we feel that one individual’s action is very insignificant. Then we think, of course, that effects should come from channeling or from a unifying movement. But the movement of the society, community or group of people means joining individuals. Society means a collection of individuals, so that initiative must come from individuals. Unless each individual develops a sense of responsibility, the whole community cannot move. So therefore, it is very essential that we should not feel that individual effort is meaningless- you should not feel that way. We should make an effort.”– His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from ‘The Dalai Lama’s Book of Love and Compassion’

      For your family: it’s really true, that the truth is the best route. So although it might not be perfect, the truth should always be told. Even when the demons do a good job of creating fear in you so that you deviate from the truth, never do so. That is the proof that the truth is the key. God bless.


      • L mo, its true you cant trust anyone. do you know what site I can go to to find out how many cases attorney has won my sister thinks the attorney is working for the state because she finds no record for him. what would you do if you were being discriminated

  2. Joy, I don’t know (right now) of a site or office to contact for “number” of cases. Besides public file searches, etc., which I realize are not perfect options, I just don’t know. Probably, best thing to check right now is if any registered complaints against attorney or professional disciplinary actions against him/her. Also, it might surprise you (or not), but there are many attorneys that work for the state (but as contractors, on a case-by-case basis, as needed), but privately defend private clients. Like most of us they are making their money, but the challenge for us, the customer, is to first, trust them in that they are not going to sell us out, and secondly, be competent during a trial to a level that we can easily identify when they are being lenient with prosecuting attorneys because they don’t want to piss off anyone enough that they won’t get cases referred to them again in the future. (Added Note: This is why court proceeding recordings are REALLY important, and why they won’t open up the hearings to the public.) There is so much to learn (and we are all trying and doing as we speak and share with one another) like how these Children Legal Service nonprofits keep ethical standards while assigning “jobs” to attorneys who might have other conflicts of interest. There is a gentlemen who is an attorney and recently commented on this blog. He offered to provide information to anyone who reached out to him, which I am sure are a lot of families, as much as he can. He is fighting his own fight and provides an example of how hard it can be even when the parent affected is an attorney himself. The basic answer for your sister is that most of these attorneys are undercover if they work directly for the state. Doing a search for Florida DCF attorneys, only provides some names for the head people. Most are contracted via these nonprofit agencies with mottos of “helping” children which we know is really just a cover up for playing temp agency and providing “work” to attorneys that destroys children and families. Also, government agencies experiencing such retardation in their processes that it results in numerous child abuse and child death are not so socially connected to the Internet. It’s up to us to put all of their junk out there for others to find. Best wishes. -LMo.

    • I am literally crying, having read your story. My own baby is in foster care right now…in Broward County as well! The trial is set for the end of this month, and I would really love to speak with you more about it. Is there any way you could get in touch with me? I would appreciate it so deeply. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 561 907 0383. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and God bless. I am so sorry you had to go through this nightmare, but of course I’m very glad to hear that you were able to fight it. Much love.

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