It’s My Blog, and I’ll Cry If I Want To (Publicly If I Want To).

Hello Caring Citizen and Friend,

Today I recalled one of my visits with one of the greatest human beings that you have been blessed to share Earth’s oxygen with, and that I have had the honor of being serviced by, Dr. David Burkhead. I asked this angelic therapist during one of my sessions, “Do you think I am hystrionic (attention-seeking personality) like they tried to label me during various of my hearings (among other things like suffering from Munchausen’s Syndrome, a favorite used against mothers)? He chuckled and asked me “why?”  I answered, “Well, I started this blog during my trial and never published anything. But now that the trial is over I have started going public. Am I seeking attention? Is that a bad thing? To bring attention to something that was bad and shouldn’t have happened?”

See, ladies and gents, my reasons for doing whatever this blog is remains the same. I hurt — a lot.  Then, now, forever, I hurt for as far back too as I can remember when this whole thing started. I can forgive some of the irresponsible people, but I cannot forgive the evil monsters who just looked the other way and tried to cover up. But forgiving or not, it still hurts a lot. I hurt because of unfinished justice. I hurt because there was more pain after my trial when the new challenges of dealing with my child’s PTSD and sexual abuse trauma followed. I hurt because my family, friends and I became depressed during the holidays when we remembered spending them without my child. Now, I hurt because it seems that every single day someone else comes forward with a suffering caused by the courts and governmental abuse. Some have children that have died, while others have children that are “as if” dead because they are gone. And, we all want to tell you about it because at the very least we should be able to do so. It is not the lies that lamestream media reports or that politicians mask. It’s a truth like it really happens — like it happens to normal people like you and me. Behind the closed, “secret courts” as we refer to them.

In his typical, wonderfully whimsical, hyper-speechy-kinda-way, the very dear Dr. Burkhead said, “You are just keeping a record…you want there to be some record of what happened…it’s as if you DON’T WANT IT TO BE IN VAIN”….Now please note, that he didn’t yell it out or anything, and it probably wasn’t said exactly in those words, but it was very close to that and I capitalized for emphasis only because those words are key. I DON’T want it to be in vain. How can something so horrible just happen and government workers just move on happily in their overpaid jobs and deny my child any apologies or repair in spite of the obvious crimes they allowed and even caused in some instances. I lost so much and gained nothing from this. Or, did I? Must this pain all be in vain, or can I transform it into something useful? Perhaps, something even great.

This is what this blog was and is for me. Surely, there are various layers to it and different things come out of it, but what it is without a doubt, is a record of something that happened, and that I CHOOSE not to forget.  And, might i add, I choose that YOU shall not forget.

Plus, I didn’t start it. The bad guys did. They helped make me the person I am today. Should I thank them? They had plenty of opportunities to apologize for their errors and negligence, but they chose not to do it. If there was ever a chance this person I am today could have turned out differently, that opportunity is long gone. They haven’t apologized once, publicly or privately.

So, it’s my blog and I will say what I want to. And, if I am not being truthful, then that will come out too. I’ve already been threatened by DCF attorneys to watch out for what I put out there. But, the fact remains YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT OUT. Afterall, I didn’t start the fight. They did. The evildoers create statutes to stop you from exposing the truth about their errors and negligences even after you beat them in court. Isn’t that clear evidence of a broken system?

Your lies for my truth? I will accept that offer any day. The truth is always going to come out, in some form or another. It might just need to be told in a more creative manner, like art reflecting life.

The best part to all of this is that no matter the challenges ahead with getting the truth out — way out — in the open, I am comforted in knowing that it is perfectly normal to want to do so — to tell the truth and always the truth, so help us God.



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A silly poem for my mommy friends…on Mother’s Day!

A silly poem for my mommy friends…

by Lynn Moscoso on Friday, May 6, 2011 at 3:42pm ·

 Though we often run on low,

 Our kids put us on a high,

 Cereal boxes, milk a’spillin’,

 Keeping clean it’s hard, no lie.


Lovely laughter, you can’t beat it,

 Silly faces made at you,

 Stinky feet to sniff when playing,

 Elmo, Bob, Winnie the Pooh.


 Facebook, Twitter, foursquare updates,

 “Look at us” you proudly post,

 Being mom, the best job surely,

 Bottoms Up, to you I toast.



If YOU lost your children, you’d be criminalized. Why not DCF workers who lose other people’s children?

No, we won’t use the language the web site uses. It really downplays how serious this matter is. Below is a copy/paste of the DCF’s web site regarding this “special initiative”:

“If you have information on any of these missing children, please notify local law enforcement.
The above is a partial listing of children missing from their current placements. Prior to listing any children on this web site the Department must receive approval from the court for release of information. In addition, the Department and its community partners are locating many of the children reported missing. As a result, this list may include children who have been located within the past week.  (Blogger’s note: The page was linked on March 21, 2012 to match with this blog entry.)

Additional information on these children may be found on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement web site.
Information regarding the Department’s efforts to locate these children may be requested by calling (850) 410-8543 or writing to the Missing Children Florida Department of Children and Families, 1317 Winewood Blvd, Building 1, Room 206E, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0700.”

Legally Kidnapped – Wishing CPS a Happy New Year.

God’s Love for us

When you examine the details of your life, what do you struggle with the most?  What do you consider to be the core of all relationships?  In my opinion, love is the basis of all relationships.  We talk about it, sing about it, write about it, make movies about it, joke about it, and certainly cry over it.  Everywhere you go, it is there like a shadow following you.  It is what I like to call “unshakable”.  Hence, when we can live each day knowing that God loves us unconditionally, it changes our perception in a radical way.  When we can embrace His love and allow it to flow through us to others, lives become transformed.  His love conquers all…all the pain, hurt, and suffering.  His love bears all…allowing us to never give up and keep on keeping on.  God simply wants us to accept His love and love Him in return.   He is waiting patiently for us to come unto Him, with arms wide open to care for us, comfort us, and to pour out His joy and peace upon us.  Through His love , we experience blessings and miracles.  Our physical love is limited but God’s love is infinite in size and scope.  May you experience His love everyday.  Just open your heart to Him.

Peace, love, and blessings!