Signs and expessions of an abused child.

(Pictures taken in 2010.  Drawings some time between Feb-June 2009.)

Yes, there is a recurring theme. You are looking straight at the face of the bad guy as he overpowers a helpless child. My daughter drew similar things at the daycare she attended before the State of Florida kidnapped her. The teachers at the school waited and waited, but no detective or child protection team worker every came to speak to them and see for themselves. To this date, they have never spoken to them about what was really happening in my child’s life back then. Instead, Brenda Lee Fruto, one of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Child Protection Team Investigators wrote a false statement allegedly coming from one of the teachers that put me in a negative light. This same teacher later testified on my behalf citing that she never said what Investigator Fruto had claimed.  In fact, she was waiting for Fruto to show up to the daycare to speak to her personally about what staff at the school had seen and heard from my daughter.  Frivolous reports are upheld in court until you disprove them. Innocent until proven guilty? No, it is not the American way. Make no mistake.  And, yes, if you look close enough at the last picture, that is a penis inside my daughter’s mouth.  And, the pictures with shades of color around who is obviously my daughter, is the “mess” he made on her.  Those are the exact words my daughter used since she was three years old in 2009, when the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Florida’s Department of Children and Family, the Broward County Guardian ad Litem, et. all let her down.

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