Hall of Shame – The People That Failed My Child and Family

We will never forget the harm you have done us, but we will endure:

I do not enjoy mentioning the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in this list because truthfully, there are heroes hidden within. But to keep things factual, for their unwarrantless entry (my child’s kidnappers never identified themselves, although I did recognize some of them) into my home and for acting without documentation in the removal of my child at approximately 11:30 p.m. Friday, July 31, 2009. For shoving my disabled father aside, pushing my elder mother to the side, and removing my child in Gestapo style while she cried and then froze in shock. We now know why she is afraid of windows. She fears the “police” and the “bad people” will take her away. Which of course, will NEVER happen again.

Brenda Lee Fruto, Child Protection Investigator (CPI) Broward Sheriff’s Office. An incompetent a high-risk investigator highly unqualified and reactive in her investigations.

Detective Carol Dansky, (Ex-detective on my child’s case. Last I was advised, no longer with newly named unit “Special Victims Unit”), Broward Sheriff’s Office. Still gainfully employed at the Broward Sheriff’s Office. But too busy to respond to a mother’s claims about her child’s allegations of sexual abuse. It’s okay, Carol, everyone pretty much knows now how you couldn’t find “Leo”, but I did thanks to the Internet and an inexpensive background check of the address. Thanks to people like me and our quest for the truth, advancement in the policing body of knowledge will occur so that your colleagues do not screw up like you did.

Jennifer Ferguson, Child Protection Supervisor, Broward Sheriff’s Office and her threatening and harassing ways.

Lieutenant Ostroff, Child Protection Team, Broward Sheriff’s Office, the trickster who arranges shady and “secret” meetings with parents right before kidnapping their children.

Sergeant McCardle, Broward Sheriff’s Office/Special Victims Unit – a repeat offender of lies. Never met me in-person. I saw him finally at an event at the SATC hearing Dr. Wright talk about how they sometimes make “errors” in accusations against parents. Dr. Wright looked me directly in my eyes.

Dr. John Esper Wright, Medical Director at Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center/Child Protection Team (contracted by the State of Florida) (Bio) Please note his bio claims he will be the first pediatrician eligible to test in a new specialty of “Child Abuse Pediatrics”. Apparently, Dr. Wright does not know how to differentiate between adult and child psychology to begin with, so really? I wrote to the organization featuring this bio and to the two local universities that claim the pleasure of working for him. Who is he molding as a future professional in this field? Scary. Probably psychology students like Emily Lawler (below).

Emily Lawler, LMHC, Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center

Lucia Zanabria, Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center (personnel records at Broward County Government reveal she has very poor annual reviews. They are public record if you want to go see them.)

Joyce Quinn, Broward County Guardian Ad Litem (also cashes $$ with adoptions of her own). I do not apologize that in spite of your organization’s attorney’s request, I will not ever go easy on you.

Judge Susan Aramony, Family Court, 17th Judicial Circuit Court. A demon in a cloaked disguise.   Your sudden expiration does not provide comfort to the families you have injured.  http://robeprobe.com/find_judges_result2.php?judge_id=2739&judge_Susan__Aramony

Judge Carlos S. Rebollo = Evil http://www.17th.flcourts.org/index.php/judges/unified-family/juvenile

Attorney Deborah Pino (a family attorney in Broward County) (previously privately represented alleged sexual abuser and my child’s father, not involved in dependency case, except for making false allegations against my person as per in written discovery). Maybe, just maybe, you did not understand what you were getting yourself into. I mean, how would you know that you were dealing with an alcoholic, unemployed and sinister child abuser when his girlfriend is writing you a check for a defense. It’s okay, the police already busted him again in 2012 for driving without a license (he has none) and leaving the scene of a crime. He is really good at getting away with stuff thanks to liars, I mean lawyers, like you.

Billy Don Belter (previously employed as a Case Manager with the 27th judicial circuit court, ex-husband of my child’s alleged abuser’s lover, who testified as to the alleged abuser’s criminal background).  Was kicked out from the hearing he participated in for not disclosing his relationship with the real perpetrators.  No longer works at this courthouse.

Broward County Board of County Commissioners (public records will reveal ignored e-mail notices I sent to them regarding the abuse by officials and employees of Broward County. I must be fair though, and note that one of the commissioners I e-mailed is currently behind bars for his own crimes.)

Community Partnerships – Child Protection Team: http://www.broward.org/CommunityPartnerships/SexualAssault/Pages/Default.aspx – As of July, 2011, I am still waiting to hear about what they have “done or found” after I requested an investigation of the SATC.

Childnet – for being part of the criminal group that placed my daughter in the home of her alleged sexual abuser for 9.5 months.
The case manager assigned to the case expressed somewhat kindess to me and my family; spoke up towards the end of the case in a way that truly shocked me. However, my child remembers her painfully as the woman that hurt her arm pulling her away from me after my “hour” visit. Michelle was very relaxed and respectful to me during our interactions. It is no secret case managers do the dirty work for the supervising case managers “behind the scenes”, calling the shots from a secured office in the 441 offices of ChildNet.

Florida’s Office of the State Attorney – for allowing crimes against my person to continue regardless of my obvious innocence and for the mental distress, damage and trauma to my innocent child and relatives.

Judge Michael Kaplan – too many reasons and too many people have contacted me to share their stories about this demonic force in the court system

State of Florida – Department of Public Health – for allowing the known illegal practices of Dr. John Esper Wright, director of Broward County’s Sexual Assault Treatment Center and private pediatrician in the Wilton Manors, Florida area and local hospitals.

Broward Sheriff’s Office under Al Lamberti and the Professional Standards Office…Like Lamberti, it’s all a matter of time.

The local press…God help us if you are not able to report on some celebrity’s sex video.

My daughter’s father…yes, we have been praying for you because when the truth hits, it hits hard. But to keep things as fair as possible, since last two Christmas seasons, when I reached out to you for her sake, I have seen a gradual and very necessary effort on your part to make things right for her sake. You may never believe me all you want, and everyone that loves your daughter sees your denial continues, but kids don’t lie about this sort of thing and every day I learn more and more that it is difficult for some people to deal with the harsh reality of these kinds of things. It is never easy to believe people you care about or trust can harm innocent children. But maybe with time, and as “his” run-ins with the law continue as in 2012, you just might see things for what they are. Until then, I will keep on praying for you, on my child’s behalf.

For all of those in the DCF, BSO, etc., that continue to hurtful.

…More to come…


  1. I want to know more about Judge Michael G. Kaplan who just released a person who has been stalking my daughter. God help the Judge if harm comes to her because of his total disregard for her safety.

    • Sandy, best to make all you own personal arrangements for the safety of your daughter. When the time comes to vote Kaplan out, be there. Kaplan will have your arrested if you speak out in court. He and his bailiffs are not just demonic, but they are very aggressive too. Do not expect any sympathy. He has a Facebook account that is open and you might be able to warn others about him as well. But back to your daughter, please do take all precautions. No one can protect your daughter than a mother. That means, not being ashamed to share the situation with any and all who will listen. Better that everyone knows so that they can help keep an “eye” on your daughter. Stalkers, abusers…they have found the loopholes in the system. It is up to us parents to get smart. You are very capable. Send me specific info about your matter and I will respond as best I can. With your permission, I can also reach out to angel contacts who are embedded in the evil system as well. We are not alone, just not empowered by default. We have to search and find our rights hidden (very well) within the system. My best advice, there is nothing shameful enought to hide when it comes to protecting your children. Speak up, speak loud. People won’t like you and you will not make friends in court. But your daughter just might stay alive. God bless you. Angel Michael is one to pray too. First hand experience.

    • One more thing, the more you go public, the more paper/e-document trails you leave holding him directly accountable. With enough negligence created, he cannot hold his public elected status as a shield against personal damages.

  2. My experience with Judge Susan Aramony was nothing but a disregard for a mother and her children . She must have got paid well along with Charles Fox Miller, Florida court system is anything but fair and justice, My God strike them dead for what they have done. or better yet let them experience the unjustice they were apart of- in their own lives to their own children. Evil breeds Evil.

    • It is interesting that folks that find this blog, recognizing a name or two, all seem to “see” the demonic forces behind the workings of these judges, etc. Yes, the Florida court system is not fair or just. I wish there was some magical way to replay the times when even enemy state workers told me themselves, “the system is a ‘legal’ system, not a ‘justice’ system. I pray the angels keep guard on you and the children you suffer for. Death is not barely a punishment for the pain and suffering on loving parents. It’s knowing your children are alive, but living your life as if they were dead.

    • I had a nightmare with susan aramony ..the judge from my country called her perspnally and told her to give me back my girl and she refused…then 3 years after i rhinks she was sick but im sure she was paid by my ex husband and his lawyer…we even had to call the embassy to go and told her to give me my girl…
      Do you know who is now in the court…because she was a really bad person i didnt know other people had this problems wirh this woman

  3. Please help me anyone reading this. My life has been a nightmare since Brenda Lee Frutto entered my home early in April of this year. She told me that I was not supposed to have old medications in my home even though they were prescribed. She tried to bully me into taking her services. When I did not. She falsified her report to make me appear to be a bad mother and had my children taken away. My children are now in state custody and they are making me take classes and evaluations for my children to be returned to me. Please help me anyone. My email address allaboutkwa@yahoo.com Please pray for me. I would like to also take this to the supreme court and would appreciate anyone who would like to tesify if the same thing has happened to them.

    • Dear A Good Mom,
      I’m sorry I am just able now to reply to you. I am very sorry to hear about your run-in with that demon, Brenda Lee Fruto. She is definitely a demon here on Earth. Since you have already apparently agreed to a case plan (I don’t blame you, it is very hard not to give in), please follow through with everything, but document every single interaction. The notes will not only help you breakdown their evil strategies, but will also help you when you need to communicate status and critical observations to other case managers or even media outlets if you find someone willing and able to assist you with your case. I know you may feel tired, depressed, or like writing things down won’t get you anything. But, keeping accurate records of everything will help you fight for you kids’ return now, make you smarter and able to predict next moves, and also help you in the future if you want to help other families and children. Make sure you are eating and resting. Learn the system as much a you can. It is very confusing and busy, but every little bit you learn will be helpful. They will try to make everything hard for you, like making visitation almost impossible. Make sure to speak up and demand visitation and other meetings that match up with your availability as much as possible. I used to call agencies out as purposely trying to obstruct my rights because I truly believe they were doing it as a strategy to get me to sign off on their documented lies. So seek as much support as you can. Be upfront with your friends, family, neighbors, employers, etc. Share your story with strangers and friends alike. You never know who may be able to help you even it is only with a listening ear. Refer them to this blog and other similar sites to demonstrate to them that this is an epidemic and that it would happen to the most decent parent. Then, plead for their support and tell them that you would not be going so public with your situation if you had done something wrong. It’s a shame, but some people will turn away from you because they have already been programmed to judge you based on hearsay (you can thank Lamestream Media for contributing to this). I am, and will continue to pray for you. There is a core inside of your psyche, that you must develop and make yours. Keep yourself grounded in there so that you can survive this, and you will. God bless. -LMo.

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