Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) – Broward County

What are Volunteer Guardian ad Litem responsibilities?
This is actual text taken from the Guardian Ad Litem web page. The ALL CAPS text and text within the parenthesis are notes captured from court recordings held during my dependency case 09-7000, specifically as to the GAL assigned to “protect” my daughter. The GAL in my case was Joyce Quinn.

* Visits the child and keeps the child informed about the court proceedings; (Visits the child with the possible offender never present. Says the child is kept clean and gives her hugs. This is how a G.A.L. completes there one-hour house visit. This is the “professional, specialized” home visits we tax payers pay for.) KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT A BACKGROUND CHECK (IF EVEN DONE) ON THE ALLEGED PERPETRATOR THAT LIVES IN THE HOME WITH THE CHILD — A NON-RELATIVE.
* Gathers and assesses independent information on a consistent basis about the child in order to recommend a resolution that is in the child’s best interest; (Claims to visit the child’s current housing once per month. Reports “consistent” in nature will be requested as I am certain there are none. I am going to guess (for now) they are recurring abstract reports.)
* Reviews records; (She said she did not need to, although several of the documents contained accounts of child making direct statements of being “fearful” of going to home of alleged sexual abuse and were taken by police officers and a independent state reporter who confirmed verbally with social workers that child made such statements — of course, the actual reports were “lost”, but at least statement was kept in record purely by chance. Like the state doctor, never reviewed child’s medical files.) KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE BACKGROUND CHECK OF THE ALLEGED SEXUAL PERPETRATOR THAT LIVES WITH THE CHILD NOW, A NON-RELATIVE
* Interviews appropriate parties involved in the case, including the child; (Never interviewed anyone from the child’s maternal side, not even key day school and medical professionals. Never spoke to police officers who originally took child’s report. Did not speak to any neighbors, friends, or families.)
* Determines whether a permanent plan has been created for the child in accordance with federal and state laws and whether appropriate services are being provided to the child and family;
* Submits a signed written report with recommendations to the court on what placement, visitation plan, services, and permanent plan are in the best interest of the child;
* Attends and participates in court hearings and other related meetings to advocate for a permanent plan, which serves the child’s best interest; (Originally stated she had no issues with mother having supervised visits. This changed when mother began to bring attention to G.A.L.’s failure to do her job.)
* Maintains complete records about the case, including appointments scheduled, interviews held, and information gathered about the child and the child’s life circumstances. (She stated she took no notes of the one, lengthy phone call she had with mother, and accounts for her allegation – the only conversation ever (over the telephone) as being based solely on her pure mental recollection. As of February 1, 2010, this is the only allegation against the mother. All original allegations presented by the State of Florida in the original “order for removal” of the child have been “stricken” at the request of the State of Florida. Therefore, the only remaining reason for child not being returned to her home is this one “telephone account” by a 14-year experienced G.A.L. who does not keep notes/records, does not review critical case documents, and does not speak to critical witnesses and people who know the child.)


This G.A.L. also cashes in with two foster kids of her own. She specifically told this servant mother, that the reason she had a hard time visiting my home to speak to my parents, and see my living situation was because she was too busy taking care of her two foster children. Ching, ching…Yes, citizen, you are paying for this.