Broward County Child Protection Team (CPT) Sexual Assault Treatment Center (SATC)

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Emily Lawler is a Family Therapist II, working at Broward County’s SATC. Lawler is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who consults with Dr. Fran Korn and Dr. John E. Wright, medical director of the SATC.

The uploaded document is the “Telephonic Deposition of Emily Lawler” dated December 1, 2009.

1) Records/Notes: On several occasions, Lawler does not request, review, or maintain information critical to her “assumptions”. However, Lawler does note “interesting” use of play phone by child, but does not further inquire about child’s “interesting” use of play phone. My mother’s intuition says she was calling me.
2) Psychologists vs. Therapists: Lawler’s lack of notes (Lawler states to the effect that she does not note things as if she will be involved in depositions) results in an elaborate mess and misrepresentation of what later would be presented in court as facts.) *Refer to audio recordings.
3) Duration of SATC treatment for child: Total of eight (8) visits, approximately 50 minutes each. This is the time to assess all of the Child Behavioral Checklist (CPC) attributes. If certain sections are impossible to analyze, such as sleeping and eating problems, why are they on this form? Lawler testifies that there are even more updated versions of this outdated form?

Some comments: Adrian Fabrikat is a therapist that I was referred to via a very specific, numeric referral number, by my then health insurance provider, specifically for my minor child, while I WAITED for the Broward County Sheriff’s (BSO) Child Protection Services (CPS) Investigator Brenda Lee Fruto to provide a referral to the SATC (for my daughter). In my child’s best interest, I sought therapeutic services just in the case the referral for the SATC took long (they have many patients, as Lawler described in her testimony). I took her two times. The first time, my child was uncomfortable with Fabrikat and so nothing was accomplished that day except for paperwork. The next time, I had to sit in the office with my child because she did not want to be left alone with him. The health insurance referral records, should show that I was specifically seeking assistance for my child regarding the allegations made by her.

After about two visits, I left a voicemail for Fabrikat that I would no longer be taking my daughter to see him because the SATC referral came through and Lawler called me to schedule. Lawler told me to cancel the other therapist (Fabrikat) because my child should not have two therapist so as to not have conflicting therapeutic styles applied to the child’s services.

I welcome Adrian Fabrikat to provide an official statement on whether or not the statements Lawler made regarding his (Fabrikat) statements are represented accurately in this deposition, they were her words, not mine. There must be plenty of intake documents available for confirmation of such information. I could post all of my comments about what is wrong with this depo, but that would take me all night. So for now, just a little at a time. incomprehensible deposition. I will reach out to Fabrikat and see if he is willing to go on audio. Stay tuned…

The referrals that Lawler claims to have provided me were in response to my request. I asked both CPI Brenda Fruto and CPT worker Lucia Zanabria for additional help. When CPI Brenda Lee Fruto attempted to trick me into signing up for “services”, I called Paula Botero with the Children’s Home Society and she (Botero) told me about “in-home services”. Botello also expressed concern with my child going back to Leo’s house. I called Lawler for names of other organizations I could contact for possible in-home services and she gave me a couple of names, i.e. the Chrysallis Center and Children’s Home Society. Chrysallis only accepts Medicaid insurance and referrals from child welfare agencies, i.e. the State Attorney’s Victim Compensation Program. Otherwise, you pay cash and they may offer a sliding scale based on income. I recall the charge based on my income would be over $100 per visit, and the recommendation was two times a week, once before the child visited the father’s home, the second time when the child returned. The idea was that the in-home counselor would be better able to determine if there were any differences in behavior, etc. The Children’s Home Society did not accept patients that young of age at that time (then, about 3.7 years old). It seems Lawler is not as specialized or as knowledgeable as Broward County residents wish she could be. You would think that working at the SATC for ten (10) years would give her enough time to know at least how and who to refer to. The Children Home Society remembered me as well from the time when my daughter had the famous tantrum that Lawler acknowledges witnessing (there were actually at least two occurrences at the SATC), one so bad, that the Children’s Home Society receptionist called across the street to inquire about the small child screaming at the top of her lungs for her mommy, “not daddy” by the way. The Children Home Society receptionist confirmed this tantrum and my plea for help to ChildNet’s advocate assigned to this case, Michelle Nadeau. I even met one of the counselors from the Children’s Home Society who witnessed the tantrum as well and explained the age requirement. Phone records would show that all I got with Lawler were a few minutes of returned calls because as she as stated previously, she is busy busy with all her many patients. Also, she doesn’t mention that she canceled one or two appointments with me for personal reasons.

My parents are older. My father has Parkinson’s and my mother has diabetes, inclusive of leg injuries. Lawler describes them as disconnected, unreactive caregivers at around 5:30 PM at the SATC. Lawler suggests that my daughter was not well-kept at around the same time after attending after-care. I don’t know about other kids, but my kid likes to play in the playground, outside and this is Florida. And my parents, although suffering from some ailments, are mostly heartbroken and trying to cope with a suffering daughter and granddaughter. I guess Lawler views it that people should come into the SATC skipping in and smiling when the police do not even go to a house to check out if a “Leo” lives there. The father may have put nice, neat pony tails on my daughter, but he wasn’t a working, single parent. In fact, I understand it was the day school teachers that dressed up my daughter’s hair. Leo’s lover probably paid for the haircut.

Commander Harn of the BSO has never had the pleasure of interacting with me. And obviously, his opinion that I was trying to reunite with my then ex-husband was enough for Lawler to find malicious intent in my actions related to protecting my child must have come from his psychic abilities, the abilities he and other BSO workers have when determining if children are at risk. Harn, like the rest of the “CPT group” were doing everything possible to portray me as the person that I have proven not to be in order to cover up their screw ups, period. Lawler herself could not have explained the consequences better then she did in her deposition, “we are not perfect”.

Then you add to this soup, Fran Korn and Dr. John Wright and you have a recipe for disaster. A room full of “intelligence”? No way.

The duffle bad of evidence contained drawings that concerned child care workers, including the teacher they claimed to interview who actually testified on my behalf during my trial. She, along with other workers, called me out of work when my child had her tantrums, bit another child, threw the chairs, and refused potty assistance. They also received my daily bookbag with training panties and wipies. They also witnessed CPT interviewing my child in the presence of “little Emily” without little Emily’s guardian’s authority. Emily’s guardian confronted the CPI Brenda Lee Fruto about doing so in court and CPI ignored her complaints. Oh, and not a single one of my neighbors were interviewed; they are still waiting for their chance to testify.

My daughter urinated on herself during my first supervised visit with her at ChildNet, just a few visits before they stopped all contact with my daughter for yet additional accusations and defamation on my person. She was under her father’s care. Close to the end of my trial, a missing document magically “appeared” from ChildNet in which a worker confirmed that my daughter had expressed fear of going to her father’s house during one my supervised visits with her. No one asked my child why or even bothered to inquire or investigate but instead they lost the record, until later. Again, my daughter’s cries were ignored and her trauma increased by removing all contact with her one unquestionable protector, me, her mother.

I wonder what happened during the almost ten (10) months of my daughter being kidnapped from me and placed to live with the alleged perpetrator.

And yes, as of today, she is still going to that home, one Saturday every two weeks. Judge after judge have put orders in for the father not to leave her alone with Leo, as if that guarantees such protection. Perhaps I should have reacted like Manny Diaz (Davie case). Being a law abiding citizen, with some brains and will, only pissed people off. Instead of worrying about what mistakes they made and trying to just fix it, the BSO et. al decided to make me the bad guy, the SATC joined in, then the State of Florida looked the other way.

Many of you ask, “what about the father”? Isn’t it clear? Doesn’t work, goes to school and pays nothing (not even child support) because Leo’s lover pays for everything. Well actually the father does work, he was lying to everyone, including CPI Beharry (as she told me on Oct. 5). I just confirmed this information recently…yep, before the investigators did (again). If the father lied this whole time, what specifically did he lie about?

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