Audio Recordings of Dependency Case (State of Florida vs. Lynn Moscoso) DP 09-7000

We need to fill this page.  If you are in Fort Lauderdale and want to help, don’t hesitate to contact me.



  1. Hi Lynn,
    Im looking for some support and advice fighting the system. Its my niece and nephew in the system. You have wrote me before. Do you know any Ftlauderdale attorneys that are good and not scared to fight false allegations?Please respond back.God Bless!

    • Hello, godmotherblue68,

      I wish I was fully able to endorse someone. There is always that FightCPS website where I originally had been referred to some attorneys. However, in my personal experience I followed the advise of this website when the ordeal first started. I personally called the founder of this site during and after my trial to thank him. One of the key things that stuck with me was the recommendation that one contact an attorney out of the jurisdication of your county. This could help rule out some possible conflict of interest. It is not a guarantee but that was my choice and I personally am glad that I did it. I ran out of money after the first months of my trial and my private attorney and I separated in good terms. And then what happened? I was assigned a public attorney who didn’t return my calls, etc. and, WAIT…don’t give up yet…he was a bad-azz. He knows I am grateful. I have visited his office after my trial to thank him and blessed his own child for representing me well. But, I think he would understand that I always wonder what happened during those sidebar moments with the judge when he wasn’t willing to share with me what was going on. Maybe he felt the heat when they knew they were screwed with me. But, maybe he was doing what he needed to do. I had good, very good public representation. And, the judge herself was who directly recommended him. Did she recommend him because she realized there was a potential here for some intelligence progress in the field of these types of cases? Did she think he would be the most qualified attorney for such a “complex” case as mine? Or, was she just buds with him and knew she could hook him up with a few months of guaranteed salary at my (and yours, citizens) expense? At the end, I am going to tell you what I am going to affirm on my death bed. It all came to that final moment (which actually happens more than a few times during a lengthy trial) when I had to make a detrimental decision, which was, do I side with the truth or do I bend for the enemy? Do I go along with their offers to cease any further persecution of my person by signing partial deals with the devil, or do I continue this trial that seems to have no end and which has separated me from my daughter who has already aged in the system, and the answer and the ultimate success of my personal case was that I firmly said “FUCK YOU STATE” (in my head, of course, after getting in trouble already for having a “moment” one time) and I fought the fight as if my life depended on it, because it did (my life is my kid), and I did it with the truth and the truth only because somewhere I read it would set me free. You can find my attorneys in my court documents that are loaded. I just am not in a confident position that I can refer your family to anyone I fully trust. But there was a super guy I trusted during my tribulations. I think you know who He is. I have had a difficult time making some personal time to listen to my court recordings because I KNOW that I will find some things in there that will expose some more truth. And, I am still working on helping my child with her traumas. God bless you, godmotherblue68. -LMo.
      (Other: Remember, LegalAid Offices, etc., do not provide assistance with counsel for dependency cases. Calling your local legal referral service is not going to be much help either unless you just want “names”. But, if you have the money, Google “attorney sues CPS/DCF for child’s death, rape, etc.”. Those are the guys/gals with the balls and upfront capital necessary to take on such a Goliath of agency.)

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