Tonya Craft negotiates on behalf of her children’s best interests.

What a wonderful story to hear today. Two parents, meeting in a private room with no attorneys present. Tonya Craft and her ex-husband making decisions that will affect the rest of their children’s lives. In an excellent display of maturity and in looking out for their children’s best interests, these two got together and worked out the custody agreement. But Tonya, what a woman! Even after all you have been through to be of such solid mind to go through with such a meeting and even drop your ex-husband from your lawsuit.

I pray that Ms. Craft’s lawsuit brings light to those innocent people that have fallen victim to the system, myself included, that are or have been falsely accused of crimes against children and have suffered from the unjust removal of their children. Just two days after Craft was cleared, I was too. I had my daughter in my arms after almost ten months of the court nightmare while Craft had a trial that lasted over two years. But when Craft went to sleep she knew where here children were and that they were at least somewhat safe. When I tried to go to sleep I thought about how my child was living exactly with the person she continuosly told officials had abused her sexually.

My prayer is that Ms. Craft’s family continues to heal from the trauma imposed and that her post-trial actions inspire others involved in custody disputes to work things out for the sake of the children; especially in cases like Craft’s and mine in which innocent parents have been put through an unfair, traumatic nightmare.


A Thanksgiving “Thank You”

A late “Thank you” in acknowledgment of Thanksgiving goes out to all my angels. My Internet was out for most of Friday and Saturday so it wasn’t possible to publicly express my deepest gratitude to those who helped sustain me through my dependency trial in the most timely manner. My dependency trial felt more like a shared trial though, than solo. It is refreshing to know that there are many intelligent people out there, who are not necessarily attorneys or judges, that use common sense and strong analytical skills to really help break down a legal case.

On Thanksgiving I reflected very much on last year’s very lonely holiday. Last year, my home was quiet and I could only pray that my child was alive. I can totally feel the pain that other parents in similar, unfortunate situations are enduring. PLEASE, hang in there! If you are innocent of false allegations I pray you don’t give up. Yes, of course it is easier for me to say now that my child is back home, but in the same way I urge you today (and tomorrow) to fight for your child’s freedom, I also had strangers encourage me during my nightmare.

I read a Facebook post recently on suicidal tendencies of parents going through dependency trials all over the world. Suicide is something that I am certain some folks may contemplate, given the horrific feelings one may acquire during traumatic removal/kidnapping of your child/children. I tell you this, go out with a bang if you are going to exit. Don’t make it easy for them. I am not saying go out and hurt anyone, but go out and fight with all your might! If you love your child, I don’t need to tell you to never give up, you should have that attitude from the get-go. But if anything I hope a few of my written words will accidentally run across your computer screen and help bring you back into focus of what is important…your angel! Dependency court, custody battle, cross-border kidnapping, whatever it is, you must not give up. If you have the courage to fight for your child, your child will have the courage to endure because you are blood.

If you think exiting this world is going to make the pain go away you are wrong. You will increase the pain of your child that was counting on you. Prepare, read, speak up, you have nothing to be ashamed of if you haven’t done anything wrong. You know who you are and your child does too. Don’t become what they want you to become when they set you up in their environment, the one where you are the bad guy. The epidemic of failed child protection practices has reached such a low point that you are guaranteed to run into another person that shares your pain. Connect with him/her. Encourage each other, and keep in the fight.

I am thankful that I have an opportunity to speak up for what happened to my family and to other families that I now call friends. I have the privilege of connecting with some of you as a result of it. I am happy to feel a responsibility to remind everyone that we share a duty to protect all of OUR children. And boy, am I blessed to have held my child in my arms this holiday and weep because of pure adoration and appreciation. To me, it was a miracle. I still can’t believe it sometimes when I see her sleeping in her bedroom. I remember walking in to an empty bedroom every night of a ten-month period and cry myself to sleep. I know some of you going through similar situations do the same. I weep with you because I just cannot fully enjoy myself with these precious moments knowing you are suffering. Everything has changed.

I place my hand over this blog entry and I pray that you are blessed with an everlasting fire in your spirit to do what is right for your children. I pray that you will take care of yourself properly so that you come in to your next hearing with your head held high, bearing the Full Armor of God, the power of truth on your side, and the humility to listen and speak only that which is righteous.

I am thankful that God has chosen you, the warrior guardian, to fight for your child/children. Do the right thing.

For all children, Lynn Moscoso

Toni Hoy…a heroe for mental health’s youngest patients

Hoy.  May you have a victory, friend.

Results of Emergency Hearing – Oct. 26 – Victory for my daughter!

I really wanted to write something yesterday, but my chest felt so heavy and my mind was in a daze. I needed to catch up with God first and determine where I was standing. Even as I write this blog entry, I can’t stop the thought process. The best way I can describe my current state is through a cliché. Something like, it is similar to waking up from a nightmare that is so real that you actually feel physical pain and have a need to check your body for actual injury.

The child’s father did not show, as predicted, to the rescheduled emergency hearing (he didn’t show to the prior either) yesterday. Judge Randi Boven allowed him to appear by phone. The child’s father provided inaccurate statements a couple times. He also withheld relevant information which to me is the definition of a “lie”. I was given the opportunity to politely correct the information he provided though.

Yesterday’s determination is that my child will not go to the “ugly house” any more.

The importance of yesterday, October 26, 2010, ending at approximately 4:30 PM:

Since April 2009, all I asked for (begged for) was that my child not be forced to go to a house where she alleged sexual abuse had occurred. Like any sensible person, I needed more information. Plus, I did not know who this “Leo” person was. I certainly did not know anyone with that name.

Think about this, please. For just a moment, picture a calendar. Then, visualize counting the days, beginning with April 17, 2009 all the way through October 16, 2010, that is exactly 544 days and sleepless nights. Now imagine that for almost ten (10) months of that time your child was exactly in the place she begged you not to let her go and to make matters worse, seven (7) of those ten (10) months in which you had absolutely no contact with your child and left at the mercy of incompetent reporters updating you on your child’s “progress and well-being”.

Imagine workers telling you they “visit the house once per week” and meet with the child and she “appears” happy” and is “adjusting”. But, they also tell you that when they visit the child the alleged perpetrator is “not in the house”, or “outside” in the yard. Imagine you find out through your own child that she was ill because no one thought it was important enough to tell you your daughter had a lung infection that according to medical practitioners may be caused by second-hand smoke. Imagine you are the one that informs the workers that the alleged perpetrator smokes. Well, I suppose you can’t expect workers who are responsible for your child to know what kind of people are really holding your child.

Imagine the child’s father tells workers he is not leaving the child alone and then you find out through recently delivered documentation and more of your own discoveries that the father has continuously lied to authorities and to the court. The father was working the whole time, including weekends, leaving your child alone with the alleged perpetrator and other, non-relatives with direct relationships to the alleged perpetrator. I thought the whole time there were agencies ensuring and confirming the father’s claims. Actually, no, I always knew they were not doing their work properly.

It’s just stuff like that. Tons of stuff like that that including the need to be on alert, documenting everything, archiving matters well into your memory, making difficult decisions regarding who to trust. Never-ending lingering in your mind while you are awake, in your dreams, in your nightmares, about your child, your trial, the non-existent justice system.

The importance of yesterday is that my child’s right to be protected from a dangerous person has been recognized. Perhaps not in the most clear and concise manner, but at least it is a significant milestone. Does that mean dangers are completely removed? Absolutely NOT! What it means is that there is enough risk for workers to have made a request to the father to move from the alleged abuser’s house and find safe housing for himself and his daughter. Unfortunately, what it also means is that if this was decided yesterday, why did it take so long for a mother’s sensible request (to stop her child from going to an alleged abuser’s house) to be granted instead of creating so many fallacies that resulted in so much pain, suffering and trauma to a decent, peaceful, loving American family, not to mention huge bills to Florida residents.

In the words of Tonya Craft, who was aquitted of false allegations against her person only three days before my trial also ended, “NOBODY WINS”. My daughter coming home after May 14, 2010 was NOT a win. My daughter’s father being officially told he will not see his daughter unsupervised until he moves out of that house is not a win. This is about my child’s right to freedom from abuse and about our Constitutional rights having been ridiculously violated.

Over a year ago when I naively believed that these types of “institutional” errors fixed themselves, I would have imagined yesterday as a day in which I’d finally be able to get a good night’s rest; it didn’t turn out that way. I suppose the issue now is that my family’s misfortune has opened my eyes to the “system”, the “secret courts” (which is how I refer to dependency court), and the broken child welfare system. So, in a strange way, there is yet another trial in my life now. However, this time it is not a trial against me. Instead, I am the one putting the child welfare system on trial. It is no longer about my child and my family. This is about ALL children and families.

And, to my dear daughter, I cannot predict what trials and tribulations are still to come although I can imagine somewhat. Meantime, my message to you today: Some of our yesterday was taken away, and “no”, that is not right. But today, I dedicate to you the rest of tomorrow that is partially returned to you, until the time comes for you to take control of your own life fully and choose the direction you will take in your great adventure. May you always remember your mother as a person that loves God, you, her country and the truth so much that she finds in it the strength and hope to keep fighting for our right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” – our God-given rights. May you discover, as your mother has, that the truth, although sometimes painful, will set you free. Above all, may your spirit always burn with the Lord’s fire. -Love, Mommy.

Results of Oct. 15 hearing…

My child’s sperm donor did not show to today’s. Not surprising though. He didn’t respond immediately to my phone calls or text messages from the court room. He did, however, respond this afternoon, via text, with a “can’t pick her up” this weekend. Well, my child gets a lucky break of having to go to a house where sexual abuse may be still be going on, at least for the next two weeks. I can’t tell if what my daughter is reporting now about abuse is about present abuse, or the past. That is for the professionals to determine. Meantime, I’ve always said the truth comes out one way or the other; and when it is least expected. (Spiritual credit: Notice how I was working out the human plan while the spiritual plan was being completed by God in the background. Things did not turn out the my way, they turned out in His way.)

The hearing went exactly as I expected. The judge had to be mindful of the “missing” respondent’s rights; I dig it. But, if it had been me missing, I have a feeling I would have had a warrant issued on my person. That’s just my feelings based on the witch hunt I recently endured. The judge suggested that if I felt enough concern, I should contact the DCF. I did tell Judge Aramony that that will only result in a local contracted BSO Child Protection Team worker to once again show up to the my house to do nothing (or to be specific, check to see if my refrigerator has enough food). What a waste of taxpayer money!

Thank you to all of my friends for your prayers today. I am certain they are working. All in His time, not ours.

Heading to court to protect my child…Oct. 15

Aside from the historical accounts my child provided to officials in April 2009, I am armed with a more recent June 2010 detective report with some disturbing statements (I have not heard or seen the recording of my daughter’s statements to Broward Sheriff’s Office Special Victims’ Unit in June 2010.) and a letter of concern finding sexual abuse indicators from my child’s therapist. Will that be enough, or do they insist on a tragedy that could be prevented? I am transferring over the risk to Judge Susan Aramony of the 17th Circuit Judicial Court in Broward County. Also, I am questioning what was allowed to happen to my daughter during the almost ten months I was kept from protecting her while she lived in the house with the alleged sexual abuser. Here’s hoping a RobeProbe ratings are not accurate. From personal experience, I find more truth through the Internet then through official narratives from government. At least I won’t be running into Billy Don Belter any longer.

“Official” Response from Trial Court Administrator re: Billy Don Belter

Trial Court Administrator, Carol Lee Ortman on Billy Don Belter