A little about this servant, my family and the people that helped.

Lynn Moscoso

SpiritsonFire is a nick name right now, for a group of folks that care about you and your children. We want to inform you about inequities in the child welfare system that lead to so many stories of abuse and injustice against children and families. It is our goal to share with you first, then empower you by helping you find information that may be useful to you and people you may know who find themselves trapped in the “system”. Eventually, we would like to organize effective networks of individuals and organizations that will use their experiences toward beneficial policy changes in the child welfare system.

The most effective action we can take is to talk to each other, share and get involved.

This tribute of love for all children is the the beginning of our efforts to expose the many cruel acts of incompetent government agencies against innocent children and families.

Caring citizens…

please do not confuse the statements and articles posted here as simple attacks on corruption. The government agencies of which we write about are not smart enough to organize highly complex, corrupt systems. Rather, we believe it is incompetency that rules over their failures. The evil deeds that are born of these inequities are a result of these incompetent people turning away from the obvious truths and thus causing much pain and suffering to the innocent. It is not just the person who acts out the evil and sometimes negligent deed that is guilty, but also that person or organization that allows it and does nothing to try to make things right. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” –Albert Einstein

As a final note, please be encouraged to conduct your own research on these topics. You will be amazed at what you find. More amazing, is the wide-spread knowledge of the issues by our own government leadership and their lack of involvement. As in most tragedies, it hurts when it hits close to home. I pray it does not reach you. But also, I pray that if it does, you will keep in your faith and in the fight.

I dedicate this page to my family, friends that are like family, supporters, and champions. For Gabriel Myers, Angeliah Duncan, Bryce Barros, Ciara Floyd, and the other spirits that watched and prayed over me, you are not forgotten. For Edith Howe, Toni HoyTonya Springer, Marly Falcon, Jessica Goldfin, Jose Zamora, Gregg Weinberg, and Emmanuel Oscar. For B (my secret weapon), those attorneys and advocates that helped out in whatever way they could, sometimes against popularity. For my dad who sat outside each hearing, for hours, only allowed to sit with me in the court room towards the end of the trial. For my mother, whom I misunderstood when I was younger. For my daughter, the angel the universe sent to me to protect and love, and fight for against all odds, YOU are worth every tear, heartache and fearful night endured. YOU are the inspiration and reason behind my personal desire to help others. For what is this world worth if you leave it the same? If only one person we help, the angels will sing. Never give up, never.

For all children, for you are all mine,

Lynn Moscoso
Mother, Patriot, Friend


  1. Lynn –

    Thank you very much for your inspiring message. It could not have come at a better time.

    If you have a moment, there are a few thoughts which I would like to share with you, and I believe that you will understand why I can not simply post them at this juncture, given the chronology of events which I am envisioning, as I weigh the pros and cons of a difficult decision. In the end, I know that a lot of people would likely benefit if I commit to the side of the coin toward which I am currently leaning.

    I hope that you remember me. My name is Dave Dohner and I am the attorney whose ex-wife was a supervising attorney with DCF. We shared a few thoughts and perspectives on the system a couple of months ago…the many ways in which it is broken beyond repair in its present form; the seemingly endless branchpoints at which corruption, bias, poor judgment, unprincipled personnel, etc., can become interposed in the process and lead to terrible outcomes;….and so on.

    You can always Google Department of Children and Families v. D.B.D., the Father, and I think you memory will be refreshed.

    My e-mail address is david@dohnertriallaw.com. Please let me know if you have a moment, and I will reply to your email with my cell number. I think you will understand why I want to make this decision with the greater good in mind, but need to be wary of the potential impact on my daughters.

    I look forward to speaking with you when you have a moment.

    Very best and thanks again for reinvigorating me,


  2. Hi lyyn thanks for this website..im going to court soon…with my order from bolivia saying i have the right of every vacation with my daughter in the 17th jurisdcial of family…in broward..but i dont know who is the new judge there is that a women or men? Do you know the name..i want to pray so he or she ordes to have psicological examn of my alianated daughter and my ex..im sure with a test they will realize what brainwashing are doing to my 10 year old daughter…and after that i hope to see her often…i live in bolivia im from spain..and i only see my girl a few times..and he doesnt let me talk to her or email her or anything.
    I have a lawyer there and here now..but any tips will be great

    • Tough because there is no agreement between Bolivia and the U.S. for enforcement, has the father been served?

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