Judge Michael G. Kaplan – Remove from his office.


It is not a secret I am not a fan of Judge Michael G. Kaplan with the 17th Circuit Judicial Court in Broward County.  Mr. Kevin Milcheck also had a bad experience with this infamous judge and has provided the above link to a petition to remove Kaplan from his seat.  The petition was started by Ms. Lilah Shahid in Margate, Florida (yep, another unhappy customer).

Kaplan’s last day in service is currently scheduled to be January 5, 2015.  But, the sooner the better.

Please consider signing this petition especially if you had the bad luck of having this judge preside over your hearing.  If you do not sign the petition, remember to vote against this bad guy.  Next election for his seat is November 4, 2014.

Thank you.



  1. I want this guy out as well! He made crazy remarks during my hearing and his manner of hearing cases impedes justice. He won’t let people talk. You say one word and he says STOP. Then he decides in his head what he thinks has happened or is happening and he phrases a question to only have one answer. I filed a formal judicial complaint against him and everyone needs to do this. I am
    ON FIRE to get this guy out!! How can I become involved in campaigning against him??

    • I went to court because someone was posting my social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, along with naked photos. He had the audacity to say “You’re not naked, it’s just your chest.” Are you kidding me?? This guy is a sicko!!

      • Hello. According to Ballotpedia, his current six-year term expires on January 4, 2021. Mafia galore. It will be his last term. There appear to be enough of us that are done with him. So, when the time comes, I am sure you will hear about it and you can join the movement to get make sure he is not appointed again. That is probably our best bet as look who we have running our state government. I am so sorry he handled your case so unprofessionally. It is not surprising to me, but I am sure to folks that read about this kind of stuff going on in the la-la land of the 17th circuit judicial court. Kaplan is incredibly evil and I personally believe he gets off on tormenting people. He does not see people as people. He sees them as toys to bend and break as he pleases. By not relating to your concerns, he shows he is the monster I have repeatedly claimed him to be. No honor, and no consideration of your dignity. Hang in there. He has done worse to many others. You are strong enough to be able to lift others with your story. I’m sure we will see each other when the time comes to let him have it. Until then, stay strong. Peace.

  2. I think he is a sadist.

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