On Alex Jones – CPS Takes Baby Away After Mom Asks for 2nd Doctor’s Opinion

Just like the Fort Lauderdale Police Department did to my family, we were pushed, threatened with arrest by armed uniformed men who forced themselves into my home, pushing my elderly father on the floor…child kidnapped. No papers of any kind were presented, as confirmed at the first dependency hearing I attended. No one argued that paperwork was never presented to me, including no warrant and no probably cause documents. But the police officers there that day did what they did anyway and handed an innocent child to dangerous CPS workers who then later handed the child to a sexual abuser. Police…puppets to the system, or accomplices?

This can happen to you too.

Thanks to InfoWars.com for this story.



  1. This is horrible. My three babies were also taken by them and adopted even after I completed all of there requirements for reunification. There reason for terminating my rights were “it would now be to detrimental to the children because they built a bond with the foster family ” who just so happens to be a lesbian couple trying to adopt. (And we’re friends with case worker) someone has to stop them. These people are monsters to do this to us

  2. Hi, Christina,

    Talk about the system playing God. They absolutely cannot predict how the children will turn out 30 years form now, in any case, regardless of any history. Hence, the apparently “normal” children that grow up to become psychopaths. But the wording is so creepy. The word itself, “detrimental”, appears in almost everyone’s dependency documents. It is the system penetrating our minds to believe this word has any legitimate weight during our legal processes. It is so unfortunate because most involved in your hearing buy into it as some kind of real claim that takes on the final word in determining your future and your childrens’ too.

    You and I perfectly know that this was about accomodating the couple that wanted your children. They are indeed monsters. I am pleased you refer to them as such. And, you must not feel ashamed or alone in this nightmare. Most regular people know what is going on but history has shown us that courage is not part of everyone’s DNA.

    God bless you, Christina. Thanks for passing by and sharing your story. I have this cheesy saying that, “It ain’t that bad if you are still here.” Which to me, really is saying that only a certain type of human being is built and able to endure such torture. It has to be for something and we would not be around discussing this openly if the monsters would have broken us completely. Whatever Superpower enabled this ability for us to love our children is a beautiful creator and One who could not have designed love without a happy ending. It’s just that this particular world at this particular time is inhabited and led by terrible monsters needing a very swift correction…what I pray for with each breath. Pray in everything and be attentive to any an all opportunities that may fall on your lap.

    I wish I had something more worthwhile to say to you. It is very difficult knowing that in spite of it being a very terrible and painful fight, I have my child safe at home, while other parents are still suffering. But, it cannot all be in vain.

    Your friend in the fight,


  3. ***This survey has been revised so that everyone has the ability to provide some feedback***
    Across the country, children of color are present in the child welfare system at rates greater than their proportions in the population. This over-representation is referred to as “racial disproportionality.” In Washington State, a 2004 study of the child welfare system in King County found that American Indian (Indian) and Black children were overrepresented at all points in the system. This “racial disproportionality” is the reason many children of color are unnecessarily removed from their homes, and causing a struggle in the families reunification process. If you have been impacted by the child welfare system, please take a brief moment to complete this 10 question survey.

    Your responses will be treated confidentially and will not be used for any purpose other than to conduct research on the Child Welfare System. Accordingly, any information you provide in respect will not be used in any way that is inconsistent with the purpose of this online survey. No information obtained from this survey will be disclosed to any outside parties. I intend to provide a report on my findings to my Quantitative Principles class at Seattle Central Community College. Please feel free to share the link to others who may have been impacted as well.

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    Trina Clay
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