God’s Love for us

When you examine the details of your life, what do you struggle with the most?¬†¬†What do you consider to be¬†the core of all relationships?¬† In my opinion, love is the basis of all relationships.¬† We talk about it, sing about it, write about it, make movies about it, joke about it, and certainly cry over it.¬† Everywhere you go, it is there like a shadow following you.¬† It is what¬†I like to call “unshakable”.¬† Hence, when we can live each day knowing that God loves¬†us unconditionally, it changes¬†our perception in a radical way.¬† When we can embrace His love and allow it to flow through us to others, lives become transformed.¬† His love conquers all…all the pain, hurt, and suffering.¬† His love bears all…allowing us to never give up and keep on keeping on.¬†¬†God simply wants us to accept His love and love Him in return.¬†¬†¬†He is¬†waiting patiently for us to come unto Him, with arms wide open to care for us, comfort us, and to¬†pour out His joy and peace¬†upon us.¬† Through His love , we experience¬†blessings and miracles.¬†¬†Our physical love is limited but God’s love¬†is infinite in size and scope.¬† May you¬†experience His love everyday.¬† Just open your heart to Him.

Peace, love, and blessings!