(RIP Senator Nancy Schaefer) CPS Steals Children for Profit – Your Tax Dollars in Action! – Special Investigation (VIDEO)

A must see!


  1. One year ago My 3 children were taken by cps, my son was 10 months old, my twin girls were newborns. I compleated all of the requirements court ordered for the ” reunification process” and the last few months of it cps did unthinkable things to cancel my visits 7 out of 10 visits I missed were missed because of them and when I went to court all the judge said was ” because of children’s ages and the amount of time they have spent away, it would be more detramental to remove them from there foster home (a couple highly interested in adopting them) so they terminated my parental rights and adoption is to be finalized next month. It’s not fair, I love my babies more than anything. I may not have been a perfect mom but I always made sure my baby was taken care of, came first and never went without. I’m not a bad Mom and don’t believe what was done to me was right. For a 25 year old single mother that grew up one the system and one the streets I turned my life arround when I had my first baby, and now I have to live with so much pain and worry. They took advantage of me and tore my family apart. Rest in peace Nancy schaefer and god bless your heart.

    • Hi, Christina,
      My heart is with you, but no one can truly feel what you are feeling because this is the kind of nightmare that people can’t even imagine because they cannot accept that things like this happens. To “have your loins and spirit ripped from you in an instant” is one way I would describe it, except that when you read that statement again it does not seem as painful as what this experience really is like.

      God bless you too, Christina. Our children will grow up and read these stories and hopefully use them as inspiration to put their lives in order — which unfortunately is usually a mess after jumping from house to house, or being abused by adoptive parents. I pray, that at least, your child is safe even though we both now that they were stolen. “Reunification” is the fakest word ever created and used by dependency courts all over the world.


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