God is in control

Yes, you need to believe with every fiber of your

being.  So many things occur in our lives, and we have the tendency to

believe we control our destiny.  I choose to believe

that He controls my destiny and that is very

powerful to me.   So release your burden, pain,

hurt, suffering to God, allow Him to take the

driver’s seat no matter what may be occurring

in your life.  Trust and accept that God is in control, and things will work out.

Meditation for the Day

I must work for God, with God, and through God’s help. By helping to bring about a true fellowship with others, I am working for God. I am also working with God because this is the way God works, and He is with me when I am doing such work. I can only do good work with God’s help. In the final analysis, it is through the grace of God that any real change in our humanness takes place. I have to rely on God’s power, and anything I accomplish is through His help.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may work for God and with God. I pray that I may be used to help and transform others through God’s help.



  1. To what end? I ask in all sincerity. Transform others for what reason? I do not see the perfection or the love, and so I am always forced to wonder why.


    • Thank you for your honest question. I look forward to Tonya’s feedback as well since she is more versed in this topic than I. I also question this purpose often times (of the necessity of spiritual transformation), especially in light of this fallen world. However, my personal tranformation could not have been more timely. If not for my new-faith in 07-07-07, when I turned over my life to Him, I don’t think I could have gotten this far. Nonetheless, I ask if it was a transformation of faith or one of psychological empowerment, like mind over matter. So as you can read, I am still transforming. Thank you so much for your comment. I look forward to reading more about your thoughts and providing feedback. Peace and love. -LMo.

    • Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for posting your question. I believe part of our purpose is to help others in anyway that we can…there is no limit or boundary with that kind of love. Transformation is a beautiful thing that occurs all around you every day…just take a moment to stop and look and listen and feel and experience it. It is called life! It is good that you wonder why because one day you will have an understanding if you keep seeking.

  2. Are you sure of what you are saying ? That God is in control ? That is not biblical.
    You must understand that God is NOT the author of confusion.

    So, next time READ THOROUGHLY the bible, and understand it carefully, so you may not wrote again another wrong information.
    Let those who are sent by God to spread right information about the word of God. Not you.

    • Hi dove124,
      It appears you may spend lots of time with your bible. However, God does require us to not only spend time in His word but also to live it, practice it. Therefore, it is imperative that as believers we can state with assurance that indeed He is in control.

  3. tonyaspringer,
    True, God does require it. But the question is, “To Whom?” Is it applicable to all? The answer is , NO !….HE even have a hard time controlling you. And then you will tell me that God is in control ?

  4. Dear dove124,
    Your humanistic viewpoint only reflects self-awareness and NOT spiritual awareness. Perhaps you have not recognized God’s love in your life as yet. Seek Him diligently,and get to know Him intimately.

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