God’s Blessings are in Abundance

The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting for me.  I have received God’s blessings in many different ways.  Also, I have discovered things about myself with the help of my friends.  1. My work responsibilites have finally shifted after a year of being persecuted by someone who does not appreciate a good, hard working employee.  2. We tend to project our fears and burdens upon others, when in fact, we need to cast these fears and burdens upon God.   If we choose to practice this faith enlightening exercise, we would be more at peace and have more joy in our lives.   Of course, it’s easier said than done.  However, the first step is always self-awareness.  So, when I made this discovery, I considered it a huge blessing!    3. With the season of Lent upon us for those who may practice specific religious rituals, the idea is to give up something that you really enjoy, or deny yourself of a pleasure.  Instead of giving up something, I decided to add value to myself.  So, I gave it some thought and decided to adopt a spirit of compassion.  It’s been quite a challenge!  Again, with the first step of self-awareness, I have begun to experience a shift in my thoughts, words, and resulting actions.  I consider this to be another huge blessing in my life.

I continue to thank God for each and evey blessing in my life.  I have also discovered that it may take years (sometimes) for us to recognize a  blessing.  At the time it occurred, it did not hit home until I had an opportunity to share my story with someone and then the light bulb went off!   So, continue to give Him your thanks and praise for all your blessings!

Peace and blessings!


God is in control

Yes, you need to believe with every fiber of your

being.  So many things occur in our lives, and we have the tendency to

believe we control our destiny.  I choose to believe

that He controls my destiny and that is very

powerful to me.   So release your burden, pain,

hurt, suffering to God, allow Him to take the

driver’s seat no matter what may be occurring

in your life.  Trust and accept that God is in control, and things will work out.

Meditation for the Day

I must work for God, with God, and through God’s help. By helping to bring about a true fellowship with others, I am working for God. I am also working with God because this is the way God works, and He is with me when I am doing such work. I can only do good work with God’s help. In the final analysis, it is through the grace of God that any real change in our humanness takes place. I have to rely on God’s power, and anything I accomplish is through His help.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may work for God and with God. I pray that I may be used to help and transform others through God’s help.