New Beginnings

Hi Everyone,

I’m Tonya and thanks to my friend Lynn for inviting me to be a guest blogger. I’m on a spiritual journey like some of you and part of my journey includes helping others to become spiritually aware. I plan to blog on a frequent basis on specific topics. Today is just an introduction.
I would like to share a few things with you – meditation quote, a prayer, and a poem.

Meditation for the Day:
I believe that in the spiritual world, as in the material world, there is no empty space. As fears and worries and resentments depart out of my life, the things of the spirit come in to take their places. Calm comes after a storm. As soon as I am free of fear and hate and selfishness, God’s love and peace and calm can come in.

Prayer for the Day:
I pray that I may release all fear and resentment, so that peace and serenity may take their place. I pray that I may sweep my life clean of darkness and evil, so that light and goodness may come in. Amen.

Spread Your Wings and Arise

There are times in our lives
We feel much like
A flower struggling to bloom
We go through those times
Of change and growth
Like a caterpillar in a cocoon

Nobody can see
The Lord’s hidden work
Until the day we break through
Then we can begin
To spread out our wings
And arise as butterflies do

God has a much higher
Calling for us
And wants us to rise up in Him
We can make such a difference
If we’d only realize
The potential we have within

So allow the Lord
To work in your life
To make you all you can be
So you will one day
Be able to soar
And know what it means to be ‘FREE’

© By M.S.Lowndes

Bye and God Bless!


Welcome Ms. Tonya Springer…

Tonya Springer

I am happy to report that my dear friend, Tonya Springer, will become my first guest blogger at SpiritsonFire. Tonya will be adding, what I believe to be, a sort of spiritual balance to this, our (yours and mine) blog. What my family and friends endured is something that is very difficult to just put aside as one would some old clothing. So I realize I may at times seem one-sided. But hey, you can’t blame me; and, I am working on it.

But in staying true to the original purpose of this blog, as I share my opinions on the activities of child welfare organizations and workers I cannot forget that there are also very good people embedded in the same system that I distrust. Also, I have to account for the children and families that are not only seeking information about what happens in the system, but are also looking for some spiritual comfort and reflection on what is going on in this mad world overall.

I think Tonya is the perfect person to help me (us) bring some of those important elements to this blog so that it doesn’t become just some hateful reflection of what is going on with the child welfare system according to muah and those folks whose stories I share.

Ultimately, as I have repeatedly said, I’d like to see both sides work together in reforming this broken system. Resistence does seem to come mostly from “the system”, but it is a New Year and anything can happen.

Here’s hoping 2011 is the year of “Child Welfare Reform” along with some human-spiritual rebirth! Alas, such high aspirations.

Won’t you help us attain them?

God bless,


Broward County – State Attorney’s Office…on child welfare

Please click on the link (below) to read report:

Interim Report of the Spring Term 2001 Grand Jury

Senator Chuck Grassley from Ioha is my new hero

Check out Senator Grassley’s interview with Anderson Cooper regarding Pentagon and child porn.

Listen to internet radio with Bikers of America on Blog Talk Radio

(I come in around the 59th minute / 59:00)

Wishes come true.

I remember exactly what I was doing last Christmas and New Year’s (2009-2010). One of the most notable memories is counting down the New Year with a dear friend, closing my eyes and wishing I could see my child. I made a wish to God that said “if I only had my daughter in my arms, I wish I could spend the New Year with her alone, and only her”. The countdown ended, I got my New Year’s hug and the 2010 New Year began with a feeling of emptiness.

I am so blessed that this year I had my wish come true. I never gave up. It was through my friends, strangers now friends, family and of course my ever powerful God, that I found the strength to fight, and fight harder I did.

This year, as I held my daughter in my arms, both of us alone, our little family, amidst the busy strangers surrounding our location choice for celebration, I acknowledged God’s direct work again, when I realized my wish, exactly as I wished it, had come true except it came true on His time, not mine.

I argue with myself often trying to understand why bad things happen to good people and I admit I can’t comprehend it. Like most, I try to understand and I struggle with opposing thoughts on the matter. But the one thing I have to believe in, based on personal experience, is the idea of hope as a critical component of survival.

Whether you believe in a God, or not, I see hope as a “tool” at the very least that should be used and taught to everyone at an early age, for those “just in case” days, those days that one cannot ever imagine will happen in their lives. Without hope, there is truly nothing. My wish came true, was it hope? I don’t know. But was hope a part of it? You bet it was.

May your wishes for your families to be reunited come true this New Year. May we unite in saving our children. May hearts turn to the righteous ways and change things for the better.

“Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me…” (Written by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson Circa 1955)