Tonya Craft negotiates on behalf of her children’s best interests.

What a wonderful story to hear today. Two parents, meeting in a private room with no attorneys present. Tonya Craft and her ex-husband making decisions that will affect the rest of their children’s lives. In an excellent display of maturity and in looking out for their children’s best interests, these two got together and worked out the custody agreement. But Tonya, what a woman! Even after all you have been through to be of such solid mind to go through with such a meeting and even drop your ex-husband from your lawsuit.

I pray that Ms. Craft’s lawsuit brings light to those innocent people that have fallen victim to the system, myself included, that are or have been falsely accused of crimes against children and have suffered from the unjust removal of their children. Just two days after Craft was cleared, I was too. I had my daughter in my arms after almost ten months of the court nightmare while Craft had a trial that lasted over two years. But when Craft went to sleep she knew where here children were and that they were at least somewhat safe. When I tried to go to sleep I thought about how my child was living exactly with the person she continuosly told officials had abused her sexually.

My prayer is that Ms. Craft’s family continues to heal from the trauma imposed and that her post-trial actions inspire others involved in custody disputes to work things out for the sake of the children; especially in cases like Craft’s and mine in which innocent parents have been put through an unfair, traumatic nightmare.