BSO Arrests Broward County employee for possession of child porn images in Cooper City, FL

William James Long arrested.

Heading to court to protect my child from another Cooper City, FL man that is not William James Long. I wonder if his IP address shows up on this file sharing network. A map shows their addresses are about one mile from each other. Interesting and disturbing at the same time.

To the officers and South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children professionals that worked on this project — GOOD JOB! Thank you, Thank you!

Computer forensics is such an incredible field. Given the authority through the courts, it is scary to think about all of the horrific things these professionals are capable of finding. As an ex-employee of Broward County Information Technology, I was fortunate to have learned a lot from my team regarding this area.

I was not able to confirm personally if William Long James actually works for Broward County, specifically for Fleet Services as is stated in this linked article. If he does, I would like to know whether or not he works in a technology capacity. Looking forward to learning more about the facts related to this case as it develops.